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Outdoor Kemper

The GARDEN section , dedicated to the program of professional outdoor cooking , with modern gas barbecues and traditional charcoal models, among the weed killers you will find product for domestic and professional use. THE OUTDOOR HEATING LINE is a program compose of five different product lines. It is characterized by cooling system, hot air generators, infrared heaters, Soleado heaters and electric infrared heaters, with such a wide range covering any need of heating and cooling in the open air. The CAMPING line offers a range of products, inevitable in the backpack of the expert camper. Unique of its kind, the cartridge line uses a special patented cartridge-lock, which does not allow the accidental disassembly of the cartridges concludes the outdoor section, a full range of refillable cylinders and non -refillable cartridges, produced at the modern Plant, sited in Cividale di Mirandola, in full compliance with the latest safety norms.

  • Weed burner line
  • Outdoor heating line
  • Camping line
  • Ho.Re.Ca line
  • Gas bottles and cartridges