A new goal, on the way to the "Green Vision."

Kemper Group presents two important certifications.

A new goal achieved on the road to the Green Vision, the central axis of the corporate philosophy launched by Kemper for the next five years. After the recognition of the Sustainability Award with inclusion in the top 50 sustainable companies in Italy, here is a new concrete step in favor of a vision that aims to harmonize business development and environmental awareness.

"It is with great pleasure that we announce the achievement of the UNI EN ISO 14001 (Environment) and UNI EN ISO 45001 (Safety) corporate and group certifications for Kemper and the Plein Air manufacturing plant," say Andrea Mori, General Manager, and Alessandra Mori, Executive and HSE Manager of Kemper Group.

ECO Friendly Packaging

New packaging solutions for progressive plastic reduction

ECO Design

Search for new compact designs that can optimize logistics service for the same performance while reducing CO2 emissions.

ECO Friendly Actions

From removing plastic bottles to investing in plant and machinery to reduce emissions. This path to higher consciousness will involve the Kemper Group across the board.


Plein Air

ISO 45001 

ISO 14001

Plein Air

ISO 45001

ISO 14001

The first certification, in accordance with the international UNI EN ISO 14001 Environmental Management System standard , demonstrates the company's commitment to sustainability and care for the environment: that is, it shows improvement in environmental performance by using resources efficiently and consciously, as well as reducing waste.

This certification guarantees that the products and services developed by the group are made through processes designed to minimize environmental impact.

The second certification, in accordance with the international standard UNI EN ISO 45001, specifies the requirements for implementing an Occupational Health and Safety Management System. Through this system, the company can improve safety efficiency, preventing accidents and enabling it to develop and implement measures that will ensure a "healthy and safe workplace."

"We believe, in fact, in a broad idea of sustainability that touches not only green aspects but, as in the correct interpretation of the term, also the working environment and people management, the real driving soul of a company," Andrea Mori continues.

Special mention should be made of the work team that managed the certification process and strongly wanted this new management method: Dr. Alessandra Mori (Executive and HSE Manager) who coordinated the project, together with Eng. Eugenio Ghiretti (R&D Manager) and Eng. Michele Gelati (Plein Air plant manager).

The value of "awareness" is the driving force behind the Green Vision journey, ratified by these important certifications, which serve to underscore a commitment that has now been in place for many years and is also destined to mark corporate development in the coming period.